Privacy Tech Ecosystems


Connect structured /unstructured data from EHR, wearables, imaging platforms, genome sequencers, and more to deliver a holistic view about patient health.

Finance & Insurance

Gather improved insights from deeper ethical access to sensitive data, while providing  better ESG outcomes and not exposing sensitive information.


Unlock insights while protecting privacy and maintaining regulatory compliance operationalized through privacy-preserving analytics.

IoT Data Markets

Optimally balance the trade-off between data authenticity and privacy to help reduce the attack surface for malicious agents and impact data markets positively.

Vertical Ecosystems

Vertical ecosystems share data space knowledge and collect cross-country use-cases while giving Zosher clients the opportunity to network, collaborate and identify open standards related to specific domains.


Create and develop Data Spaces


Link across domains to develop deliverables


Multiply the overall business impact

Data Spaces

Data spaces encompass relationships between trusted partners who adhere to the same high level standards and guidelines in relation to data storage and sharing within one or many Vertical Ecosystems.


Data stored only at the source - Semantic interoperability


Codified reference architecture - Data sovereignty and trust


Runs on cloud/edge cloud infrastructures


Privacy Hubs

Providing the next generation of digital data infrastructure: a trustworthy data ecosystem based on the values of openness, transparency, and sovereignty. An international community of Privacy Hubs helps identify relevant user requirements and conceptualize use cases. For companies, stakeholders, initiatives, associations and public sector bodies, vertical Hubs are the central contact points for participating in and developing the project in your context.


Liaise closely to define relevant requirements, regulations & policies


Efficient cooperation within a particular industry

Core Elements

Become part of Zosher and benefit from our standards

Zosher enables the engagement of all actors in the digital economy according to the Zosher Framework that presents a set of policy rules, annotation criteria, a trust framework and architecture framework that enables for the portability, interoperability, and connectivity of infrastructure, applications, data and the delivery of vertical services, according to and aligned with the human values and norms. Zosher standards are entirely based on existing standards for data and sovereignty as well as applicable infrastructure components


Regulatory standards


Industry-specific standards


Technical standards


Provide end-to-end security, verifiability and governance techniques that ensure access and sharing of sensitive data in the context of critical information flows.


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