Contextual data flow  integrity



Zosher key technologies offers privacy-preserving systems, processes, and techniques that enable processing to derive value from data, while minimizing the privacy, compliance and security related risk.


Move beyond legacy Privacy Technologies

Zosher’s privacy technology that protects the privacy or confidentiality of sensitive information moves beyond traditional privacy technologies, such as encryption schemes that secure information in transit and at rest, and de-identification techniques such as tokenization and k-anonymity to emerging privacy technologies that have begun to provide novel solutions to privacy challenges in modern data-driven systems. There is no fixed definition of which privacy solutions may be relevant in your use cases but the flagship technologies include:


Homomorphic encryption


Trusted execution environments


Secure multi-party computation


Differential privacy


Federated data processing systems


What we offer

Secure Federated Architecture

Privacy technologies powering Zosher helps make sure that sensitive data never moves and stays in isolated and confidential environments.

Security Controls

Zosher deploys state-of-the-art secure controls to ensure that computations do not leak privacy or proprietary information while providing transparency, agency & auditability.

Asset Policies

Data providers and data consumers have full control over their data and algorithmic assets to adhere to industry-leading standards and policies like GDPR and HIPAA.

Traceability and Auditability

Every relevant operation within the platform is logged to enable organizational oversight and support traceability and auditability functions.    

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Build, deploy and operationalize privacy-preserving data products and AI across organizational boundaries, while protecting privacy and proprietary information


Provide end-to-end security, verifiability and governance techniques that ensure access and sharing of sensitive data in the context of critical information flows.


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