The Future of Privacy

Provide end-to-end security, verifiability and governance techniques that ensure access and sharing of sensitive data in the context of critical information flows.

What we Do

Federated Data Science

The Zosher platform is an enterprise-grade solution that covers the full data science workflow and collaboration process across institutes in a privacy-preserving federated architecture. Enabling trusted collaborations across sensitive verticals by ensuring data security, privacy, and IP protection to protect information flow’s contextual integrity. Zosher helps in –


Protecting data and model privacy while leveraging data-driven insights


Monetize your proprietary data in a compliant and secure architecture


Get the state-of-the-art privacy solutions at all times leveraging latest in the Data Privacy theoretical and applied research informing our solutions.

FedErated Architecture

Leverage your data analysis and monetize data flows while keeping your proprietary information always within your local secure environment using federated learning solution architecture.

Machine Learning (ML)

Protect your key Information flow’s contextual integrity with our vertical-agnostic ML Model-generated secure test sandbox to deploy ethically in-the-wild.

CODIFIED Governance

Gain detailed fine-grained control of your data to share securely leveraging privacy and compliance governance policies enforced within the information flow for facilitating strategic collaborations.

Privacy Technologies

Secure critical Data flows

Secure your key data flows with cutting-edge technologies to secure your input and output with codified private governance to ensure verifiability. Depending on your context, we leverage differential privacy, homomorphic encryption, secure multiparty computation, or adding synthetic noise to preserve privacy. This helps


Preserve input and output data privacy


Verify identity of stakeholders through governance


We work with a wide variety of Data ecosystems

Build, deploy and operationalize data offerings, insights and AI across sectoral and institutional scopes, silos and  boundaries, while protecting privacy and intellectual property in transit and storage. Feel free to browse our case studies from the verticals of healthcare, fintech, education, policymaking, supplychain, transdisciplinary research, etc. The key advantages of our vertical-specific offerings include –


Traceability, Verifiability and Auditability


Enterprise-grade Security and Scalability

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Get in touch with our specialists for a scoping session to unlock the opportunities bespoke to your vertical usecase(s), mitigate current risks and unlock collaborative data ecosystems

Browse existing case studies and products

We offer contextual integrity to your use cases. To understand our deep offerings and the vertical nuances, do browse through our experiences documenting the technical and vertical-specific knowhow and value add to contextualize our work within your industry.


Provide end-to-end security, verifiability and governance techniques that ensure access and sharing of sensitive data in the context of critical information flows.


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