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Next Generation Citizen Science Platform

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Millions from diverse user communities launch campaigns, mobilize support and work with decision makers to create solutions locally, nationally and globally.
Every voice counts!

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We use leading analytics & AI models to power true individualized experience for our users. It's transparent & collaborative — helps focus on what's important. ProposalsVotingBudgetingLegislationDebates

Built for People

Zosher is optimized to be participatory, collaborative, transparent, and leverages collective human intelligence to separate signal from noise when making consequential decisions.

All-in-one platform to power open conversations

Overview — Overview — Overview

Zosher is an advanced citizen science platform that does everything you need to help moderate, evaluate, manage, & vote — in a decentralised & secure architecture

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Users´ Proposals

Crowdsource Proposals

Anybody can submit a proposal to address their concerns. Others can support the proposal, and if a certain threshold is reached, the proposal can be put to vote.

Visualize your Engagement

Track your campaigns, understand how well each of your campaign strategies are working for your success.
Collaborative Legislation

Active participation

People can actively participate in preparing legislation and action plans - whether in debates, prioritizing measures, or commenting on specific texts.

Zosher for organizations - Efficient & Innovative Signing up for Zosher is a great opportunity to cost-effectively collaborate with other non-profits and organizations, and to share ideas, experiences and projects improve innovative engagement.

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Built for —

Platform features include user verification to avoid duplicate votes, loading of signatures, management of votes, notifications and communication between users, full configuration of the parameters and phases for the different processes, scalable system for debates and commentary, categories, geographic localisation, intelligent filters and trends, multilingual capabilities, profiles for institutional representatives, etc.